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Why we clean

Your carpeting is the biggest air filter in your home. When airborne particles settle on hard or smooth floors, they are more easily disturbed, and allergens can be redistributed throughout the air over and over. Carpets, however, act as dirt-traps rendering the air above carpet with fewer allergens and dust mites. Therefore, carpeting can actually be an asset rather than a detriment to air quality because it hold allergens out of the air. [Source]

But here’s the catch: carpets must be regularly cleaned in order to maintain high air quality.

Professional cleaning will not only restore the air quality in your home, but it also removes abrasive soil, thereby prolonging your carpet’s lifespan.

What we use
Safety is number one and that includes avoiding allergens and irritants. That’s why we’ve chosen our primary cleaning solution to be completely plant-based, hypoallergenic, soap free, odor free and environmentally friendly. It’s even safe to drink!
(Though we don’t recommend it)

The only time we’ll use anything stronger is if there’s a tough spot that requires it – and even then, we can assure you that it will rinse out like the rest leaving only fresh water in your carpets.

Do carpets get dirty faster after carpet cleaning?

If you leave detergent behind which most of the national chains and small area cleaners do YES it indeed can get dirty faster. Think about it if you leave detergent behind isn’t it going to break down dirt on shoes and feet?  That is why we spend extra time to spray our solution down and buff it in before we do our hot steam extraction. This way your carpets get clean and stay cleaner longer!

Does your method cause carpets to get dirty faster after cleaning?

No because we do a true rinse cycle removing the detergent when we steam clean carpets should not get dirty faster after cleaning. That being said you do remove some of the built in stain protection when you clean carpets which is why we will always offer to sell you carpet protector so your rugs really do stay cleaner longer.

What is better shampoo or steam cleaning?

Most modern carpet cleaners do not use shampoo as it leaves behind the most residue causing rugs to get dirty quicker and also takes life out of the carpets much more than steam cleaning because you don’t want to leave any detergent of any kind behind after cleaning. Some cleaners do a double method with shampoo and extraction but we still find shampoo bubbles up far too much and is not all removed. Our chemicals get the carpets as clean if not cleaner and are also much easier to rinse out at the end.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry after having them professionally cleaned?

8-14 hours is considered normal drying time but rugs depending on thickness and humidity might stay wet for up to 24 hours. This is perfectly normal.

Can I walk on my carpets when they are wet? How long do I need to stay off them?

Because we do a true rinse cycle you can walk on carpets when wet as long as your feet are clean so no if we clean your carpets you do not have to stay off them. If you use a steam cleaner who doesn’t do a true rinse cycle(they just bring the wand in and scrub) you will have detergent left behind and walking on the rugs while wet or dry might cause the detergent that is left to cause your rugs to get dirty quicker.

What is your service area?

In general we service all of Lehigh, Bucks and Northampton counties including as well as any location that is within 1 hour driving time from Allentown for no extra charge. We will venture out further than an hour but there is a small service fee possible to do so.  If you have specific questions on what towns we service please call us and we will be happy to figure it out for you. For certain if you are in a major town in one of the counties mentioned such as Allentown, Bethlehem, Center Valley, Trexlertown, Nazareth, Easton, Quakertown, Perkasie you are firmly in our service area

What kind of lead time do i need to get my carpets cleaned?

Typically one week notice is sufficient but always call as we sometimes have appointments as soon as the same day!

What if I need emergency carpet cleaning service such as flood extraction done? Can you get there the same day or next day?

Yes often we are able to accommodate emergencies. Please give us a call and we will let you know how soon we can help!

Do all spots come out when you clean carpet?

We cannot promise that every spot will come out or that some spots that have seemed to come out won’t come back after carpets dry. But we stock a variety of products to treat every kind of spot imaginable. Not only that we also unlike many of our competitors use a buffer to agitate spots very strongly before we steam extract. We always tell our customers if anyone can get your tough spots out it is us!

Will professional carpet cleaners be able to get cat or dog urine out of carpet?

Every pet issue with urine is different. Unfortunately because carpet is on padding in most cases and even if not we cannot guarantee complete removal of urine and smell. However for an extra fee we have three different types of treatments sort of a good better best of deodorizers that we use to treat pet smells. Unlike many of our competitors these are not “masking” agents with pretty smells but they have enzymes that actually eat organic material. We spray this down with our cleaning solution and buff it into the carpet and let it sit before steam cleaning as much of the offending urine and odors out as possible.

Will professional carpet cleaners be able to make my house smell less like cat or dog?

Basic carpet cleaning helps remove some pet odors. We also sell enzyme deodorizers that eat organic material which in most cases will lead to reduced if not complete removal of pet smells and are sprayed down before cleaning. General pet odors for sure are lessened and even urine often will be appreciably better after cleaning and using deodorizer.

Will professional carpet cleaners be able to get paint out of carpet?

It depends on how long it has been sitting and the type of paint. It is possible to remove. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss.

Do you give free estimates on carpet cleaning?

Yes!  Give us a call and we will give you a price range of what it will cost to have the areas you want cleaned done. Then once we arrive we will measure and give you the final price before cleaning.

How often should i get my carpets steam cleaned?

To keep your carpet warranty current most manufacturers insist carpets be professionally STEAM CLEANED every 12-18 months. However if you are not comfortable having your rugs cleaned that often anytime between 2 and 3 years is perfectly acceptable. Once you get past 3 years what you think you are saving but not getting rugs cleaned you give back as the dirt in the fibers breaks down the fibers causing you to need to get new rugs sooner. We feel 2-3 years is ideal balance.

Should i vacuum my rugs before i have my carpets professionally steam cleaned?

If you are able to do this it does help you to get a better job. We also believe it is very helpful to vacuum again once carpets are dry after cleaning. Regular vacuuming will absolutely help carpets stay clean longer.

Can dogs walk on carpets after cleaning?

If possible since it is harder to keep their feet clean ideally you should not have your pets on the carpet after cleaning unless you have kept them inside during cleaning.

Is your carpet cleaning method allergy friendly?

We have used the same main chemical for over 30 years and a big part of that reason is it has no smell. We have done work for many people with very serious issues who couldn’t have smells and none of them have ever complained! We do have other chemicals for spots and our deodorizers with smells so if you have serious allergy issues let us know!

Is your carpet cleaning method green?

All our basic chemicals are 100% Green!  Even our carpet protector is called Green guard!

Is Carpet protector good for carpet?

All modern carpets are treated with some kind of stain protection. Whether it is Stainmaster or Scotchguard or any other brand name or the generic “carpet protector” that we use carpet protector helps carpets to last longer because it keeps dirt and stain from clinging to the carpets and creates a bond that keeps dirt and stain near the top of the fibers where it is less likely to break down the fibers. When you clean carpets you remove some of the stain protection from the rugs so for an extra fee we will offer to spray our generic Green Guard down to help your carpets look better and last longer.

Are you saying that using carpet protector helps my carpets to look better? I still see dirt and stains?

While no treatment completely keeps carpets free from stain what carpet protector does is it makes it “harder” for dirt and stain to penetrate so yes it does help keep your carpets looking better and makes your vacuuming more productive. By keeping dirt out of the rug and on the top of the fibers it definitely can help carpets to look better and last longer!

Which carpet protector is best?

We have found all of them to be very good and helpful. We chose our Green Guard because it is a green product and really works well!