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We also clean carpet and all our services in the following villages in the Whitehall area including Ballietsville, Coffeetown, Ironton, Kernsville,  Mechanicsville Meyersville Ormrod, Ruchsville, Scheidy, Eagle Point, Egypt, Fullerton, Hokendauqua, Mickleys, North Coplay, Scherersville


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Our Full Services include Carpet Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Carpet Stretching and Repair, Wood Floor refinishing without Sanding, Tile and Grout Cleaning, New Flooring Sales, Oriental Rug Cleaning, Binding and Fringing. We also sell two types of Non Skid Carpet pad for Area and Oriental Rugs

Carpet Cleaning in Whitehall and Schnecksville

Lehigh Rug Service has been cleaning wall to wall carpets in Whitehall and Schnecksville since 1958. Our Carpet Cleaning page has more information on how and why we clean carpet and how it is better than the National Chains and most other local cleaners.

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Upholstery Cleaning in Whitehall and Schnecksville

If you want to see a big difference when you get your upholstery cleaned in Whitehall or Schnecksville? Lehigh Rug Service answers the question of why you should regularly get the dirt, dust and allergens extracted from your upholstery. Give us a call at 610-821-8221 for a free estimate!

Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning in Whitehall or Schnecksville

Lehigh Rug Service has been cleaning Area and fine Oriental rugs in both Whitehall and Schnecksville for over 60 years. We have a temperature controlled room where our cleaning. We also do binding and serge binding of area rugs, we can cut your rugs down if needed as well. We also offer pickup and delivery and sell two kinds of non skid pad!

Here is a video showing our Area Rug Cleaning Process

We also sell Carpet Protector to help prevent the rugs from getting dirty and to resist stains for an extra fee.

And if you have pet issues look below as we offer options to remediate pet smell in Whitehall and Schnecksville!

Carpet Stretching and Repair in Whitehall and Schnecksville

Bubbles and Wrinkles are not only unsightly but over time they can damage your rugs and present a tripping hazard as well


We stretch wrinkles out of the rugs and prevent dirt from settling in the uneven areas, Give us a call and we will be happy to work up an estimate for your carpet stretching or repair

Also if you have an Iphone and are willing we can do a Facetime call to determine a firm price. We do carpet Patching as well!



Tile & Grout Cleaning in Whitehall and Schnecksville

Lehigh Rug Service cleans Ceramic Tile and Grout in both Whitehall and Schnecksville. Often times people are amazed that they had forgotten what the real color of their grout was! We will help to kill Bacteria and fungi which cause bad odors and even illness. If you want your home to be free of harmful bacteria and fungi, make sure to do a regular cleaning of your tile floors and also have pride in how great your floors look!


Want to know more? Here is what our process can do!

Pet Odor Removal in Whitehall and Schnecksville

One of the hardest things to do is to remediate General Pet Odor and even worse accidents that pet’s have. While complete removal of Pet Odors is not always possible give us a call and we will go over the options you have and how we can help. While the cats and dogs might blame the goldfish we know that you need help no matter who did it and we are here to help!


Wood Floor Refinishing and Restoration in Whitehall and Schnecksville

Do you want your Wood Floor refinishing/restoration without the mess and hassle of sanding in Whitehall or Schnecksville? Lehigh Rug Service now offers a way you can do exactly that without muss no fuss. We use an emulsifier to get the dirt out of the floor and then do a cleaning to remove the dirt and leave floors clean Then once the dirt is removed we apply two coats of water based polyurethane so your floors look great. You can have it done with a shine or in a satin As you can see in the photo even older floors that sanders won’t touch can look almost like new! Want to see more photos check out our Wood Floor Before and after page!

New Flooring Sales and Installation in Whitehall and Schnecksville

We also sell and install all types of flooring including carpet, wood and laminate floorings with professional installation. Give us a call and we will come out and survey the job and show you samples with our mobile showroom!

Lehigh Rug is a locally owned and operated local business serving the Lehigh Valley since 1958.


Whitehall and Schnecksville Fun Facts


1- The Greater Whitehall area as it is known is broken into more boroughs and Villages than any other area in the Lehigh Valley. Some are part of North Whitehall and some South Whitehall. Villages include Ballietsville, Coffeetown, Ironton, Kernsville, Laurys Station, Mechanicsville (also in South Whitehall Township), Meyersville (also in South Whitehall), Neffs (also in Washington Township), Orefield (also in South Whitehall), Ormrod, Ruchsville, Scheidy, and SchnecksvilleCementon, Eagle Point, Egypt, Fullerton, Hokendauqua, Mickleys, North Coplay, Scherersville (also in South Whitehall), Stiles, and West Catasauqua. and is considered part of Allentown,Cetronia, Crackersport, Dorneyville (also in Salisbury Township), Greenawalds, Guthsville, Mechanicsville (also in North Whitehall), Meyersville (also in North Whitehall), Orefield (also in North Whitehall), Parkway Manor, Scherersville (also in Whitehall Township), Sterlingworth, Walbert, Wennersville, Westwood Heights, and Woodlawn.  Each village has it’s own history and character. We always enjoy getting calls from customers who identify with their village not the larger Whitehall area

2- The area was long known for it’s Iron ore deposits especially Ironton

3- The Mall in Whitehall is the largest in the Lehigh Valley

4- Schnecksville was first settled in 1756 by Adam Schneck. His log home is still standing but has been moved from it’s original location

5-Schnecksville is part of the Parkland School district