Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Let us do what we do best, so you can get back to doing the same.

It might be none of our business. . .

Often times, businesses will have their own staff, or even the owner himself, rent a machine and do cleaning their way to decrease costs. Unfortunately, this can end up being a waste of both time and money.

Low-cost or rented cleaning machines don’t have the same capacity to perform at a professional level. You end up with floors that don’t look much better than when you started. Or even if they do improve their look, the equipment has left so much chemical left in the carpets that it actually attracts dirt and your floors end up looking twice as dirty, twice as fast.

. . . let's get down to business.

Let Lehigh Rug Service take care of whatever it is you need done. We offer all of our regular services to your business with custom quotes that fit your needs. Whether it be carpet cleaning, hard surface cleaning, or even upholstery cleaning, we’re proud to offer the same high quality service to businesses of any kind.

Let us do what we do best, so that you can get back to doing the same

Carpet Protector

The carpets in your business take on a lot of dirt, stains and spills, day after day. Protector helps prevent permanent damage to that results in costly carpet replacement sooner than necessary.


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